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Our handmade jewelry products are made for all fashion lifestyle’s and for every occasion. We have beautiful, unique, colorful, and fun products.

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I started making jewelry as a hobby. As I started making jewelry for myself and my girls as home, I wanted to expand my creations and my love for jewelry to others that enjoy wearing jewelry.   I got my love for jewelry from my mother.  Growing up I remember my mother always wearing earring’s, necklace, and or a bracelet every day. She had to match every outfit.  Now, I have the same outlook my mother did. I feel naked without earring’s on.  Even when I am just lounging around the house, I put earrings on. 

Jewelry adds the finishing touches to every outfit, and it makes you look and feel amazing. No matter what day it is, it is always a good day to wear jewelry and it can make a cloudy day a little brighter.   I hope you enjoy my jewelry because I made it with love.


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